Build Your Own MST3K Robot

Got a hankerin' to build your own wise-cracking MST3K robot from scratch? I've got the parts you'll need to make that dream come true.

Send me a list of the parts you need and I will confirm your order and give you a total with shipping. I can accept Paypal and money order payments. I have all the parts made in advance, so once I receive your funds I will ship the parts the next day. After shipping will receive an email with the USPS delivery Confirmation number.

If you have any question about the parts or the ordering process feel free to contact me at

Tom Servo Parts

Complete Tom Servo Kit - $150.00
  • This kit contains all the parts you will need to assemble your own Servo. Includes everything listed below plus PVC tubing, foam hoverskirt trim, eyelet, pull-ring and string for mouth operation.
  • Tom Servo Kit - (click to enlarge)
    Carousel Snack Dispenser - $15.00
  • Brand new dispenser in box. Red in color.
  • Carousel Snack Dispenser - (click to enlarge)
    Extra Snack Dispenser Lid - $5.00
  • Cast resin copy of the the lid from the snack Dispenser. This extra lid is attached to the top of the head base after the clear globe has been cut off.
  • Snack Dispenser Lid - (click to enlarge)
    Head Turntable - $5.00
  • Attaches to the top of the Money Lover Barrel to make rotating the head smoother and easier.
  • Turntable - (click to enlarge)
    Money Lover Barrel Bank - $50.00
  • Exact cast resin copy of the MLB bank for Servo's torso. These are made on my custom roto-casting machine which evenly spreads the resin material over all surfaces. This casting process keep the barrels hollow and light-weight yet strong.
  • Cast Money Lover Barrel - (click to enlarge)
    Shoulder Housings - $10.00
  • White polystyrene vacuformed over the bezel for an Eveready Floating Lantern.
  • Vac-u-formed Shoulders - (click to enlarge)
    Upper Arms - $15.00
  • Cast resin copies from an original Cmore Bunz doll. 2 - 1/4 inch bolt are imbedded in the resin so they can easily be attached to the Money Lover Barrel.
  • Upper Arms - (click to enlarge)
    Arm Springs - $10.00
  • Custom made from stainless steel spring wire with a special spring winding tool. The inner diameter is the correct size for connecting to the upper arms and hands.
  • Arm Springs - (click to enlarge)
    Hands - $10.00
  • These cast resin copies are exact duplicates of the original hands.
  • Servo's Hands of Fate - (click to enlarge)
    Engine Block - $35.00
  • Cast in one piece so that the "exhaust ports" are already attached to the main engine block which saves a step during assembly.
  • Engine Block - (click to enlarge)
    Hoverskirt Bowl - $10.00
  • Vacuformed polystyrene bowl from one of my original Decor plastic mixing bowls. 0.093" thick with the correct dimensions for Servo's hoverskirt; 11 inches across the base, 5 inch on top and 4 3/4 inches tall.
  • Hoverskirt Bowl - (click to enlarge)
    Hoverskirt Details (6) - $15.00
  • Made from vacuformed polystyrene over the engine from a Tyco Turbo Train set. The 6 individual piece come untrimmed and will need to be trimmed to match the contour of the hoverskirt bowl.
  • Hoverskirt Details - (click to enlarge)

    Crow T Robot Parts

    Complete Crow T Robot Kit - SOLD OUT
  • This kit contains all the parts you will need to assemble your own Crow. Includes everything listed below plus PVC tubing, eye
  • Crow Kit - (click to enlarge)
    Replica Cooper Hockey Face Guard - $45.00
  • Painstaking cast in three separate pieces, this is an exact replica of the original Cooper XL7 face guard used for Crow's "net"
  • Cooper Mask Copy - (click to enlarge)
    Real Cooper XL7 Face Guard - $75.00
  • I have a small collection of the original Cooper XL7 faces guards available. Color may vary.
  • Cooper Mask Copy - (click to enlarge)
    Soap Dish - $15.00
  • Vacuformed copy of the original Swartz Bros soap dish used for Crow's eye socket. Includes a flat piece of polystyrene to cover the back
  • Vacuformed Soap Dish - (click to enlarge)
    Empire Bowling Pin Cast Resin - $20.00
  • Exact cast resin copy of the original Empire bowling pin used for Crow's beak. Has the distinctive "e" imprinted on top. Cast with black resin so there is no need to paint the inside.
  • E Pin Cast Copy - (click to enlarge)
    Real Empire Bowling Pin - $45.00
  • The is the genuine plastic bowling pin used on Crow. Extremely rare and hard to find. I have a small stash of these pins available for purchase. Essential for anyone looking to create an authentic Crow replica. Color may vary.
  • E Pin Cast Copy - (click to enlarge)
    Shoulders - $45.00
  • Cast copies of the original Wallace desk lamp housing with movable joints.
  • Shoulder Cast Copy - (click to enlarge)
    Tupperware Torso Kit - $50.00
  • The familiar Tupperware Floralier vase with an extra panel for Crow's main body.
  • Torso Kit - (click to enlarge)
    Hands - $15.00
  • Cast copies of the novelty "pincher" hands used for Crow. Come in three cast pieces; top, bottom and connector pin. This makes them completely movable.
  • Hands Cast Copy - (click to enlarge)
    Cast Arm Assembly (1 pair)- $35.00
  • Made from cast resin joints and 3/8" square wooden dowels, Includes foam trim pieces, nuts and bolts. (does not include hands or shoulders)
  • Hands Cast Copy - (click to enlarge)
    Metal Arm Assembly (1 pair)- $55.00
  • These are arms pieces from a real metal adjustable lamp. Includes foam trim pieces, nuts and bolts. (does not include hands or shoulders)
  • Hands Cast Copy - (click to enlarge)
    Torso Tubing- $3.00
  • This is the piece of black drainage pipe that goes inbetween the two Tupperware plates
  • Hands Cast Copy - (click to enlarge)

    Gypsy Parts

    Century Infant Love Set - SOLD OUT
  • I do not currently have any extra car seats for Gypsy that I can sell. The Century Infant Seat have become almost impossible to find. I am working on trying to cast the seat pieces so that I can offer them in the future, but for now your best bet is to search all your local antique and second hand stores. You may get lucky and find one.
  • Gypsy Seat - (click to enlarge)
    Eveready Floating Lantern
  • These are brand new in the box Eveready Floating Lanterns. They include the bezel which was used to vacuform Servo's shoulders.
  • Gypsy Seat - (click to enlarge)
    Gypsy Rear Control Knob - $10
  • The is the black control knob that appears on the back of Gypsy's head. It is cast in black resin so the is doesn't require any painting. Simply mount it with two screws.
  • Gypsy Seat - (click to enlarge)