Crow T Robot

Made with genuine Maligdinum?
What can I say about Crow? He's a very complicated robot. He has some of the most difficult parts to find. But I have been able to find all the original parts for him .

He is also more time consuming and complicated to build.
The eye socket is made from a Schwartz Bros. Plastics soap dish. These usually are part of a bathroom accessories set that included a tray, hairbrush, toothbrush holder, powder box and tissue dispenser cover. These are still kind of hard to find, but I do see them occasionally for sale on Ebay.
Soap Dish - (click to enlarge)
Floralier Vase - (click to enlarge)
Crow's torso is made from two Tupperware "Floralier" flower vases. These come in three pieces with a tray, lower vase and upper vase which snap together to make one set. These are still pretty easy to find. I see them in thrift store and garage sales. You can't swing a dead elf on Ebay with out hitting one of them.
The thing that seems to define Crow's "Crow-ness" the most is the Cooper Hockey mask used for his "net". These are the elusive model XL7-FG face guards. I gotten a few over the years through trades and classified ads, but I rarely see them any more. About once every few months one will pop up on eBay.
Cooper Hockey Mask - (click to enlarge)
Crow Hands - (click to enlarge)
Crow's hands are made from two novelty grabber toys. I used to be able to buy these by the dozen, but they have since gone out of production. The ones I see now are made in the shape of various animal or dinosaur heads.
Yet another difficult part to find are these Empire plastic bowling pins used for Crow's beak. They are the older style with an "e" stamped on the top of them. The newer "Crown" style are pretty easy to find. The ones sold in store now are the correct size but have no design stamped on them.
Empire Bowling Pin - (click to enlarge)
Wallace Desk Lamp - (click to enlarge)
A while back I acquired one of the incredibly rare Wallace Leisure Product desk lamp that make up his shoulders. They are the model WL81 "Alpha" or "Genie" fluorescent lamps. Mine says "Genesis" near the switch. They have a movable joint that allow Crow's arms to swing. The arms are a little shorter than typical swing-arm lamps.