Gypsy Rose "Me"

Have you cleaned your room, yet?

The fair and lovely Gypsy. The cycloptic matriarch of the SOL, she works behind the scenes running the higher functions of the ship.

Gypsy's head is made from a Century Infant Love Seat which is an old (and dangerous looking!) car seat from the early 80's. They aren't made any longer, but they must have been popular in their day because for a while they were quite easy to find. 10 years ago nearly every thrift shop I visited had one of these. Now they are much more difficult to find.
Century Infant Love Seat - (click to enlarge)
Seat Inner Liner - (click to enlarge)
The seat is made of two pieces of plastic, the inner seat part and the outer shell, which are riveted together on the sides. The inner liner of the seat is removed and trimmed to make the lower lip, which is hinged on a 3/4 inch PVC pipe painted black. A spring at the back of her mouth keeps her mouth closed and fishing line attached to a short piece of pipe is use to pull her mouth open.
An easy to find part is the Eveready Floating Lantern used for Gypsy's eye. These were really popular a while back, but aren't made any longer. I was able to buy them brand new up until 10 years ago when they changed the style. The plastic bezel around the lens in removed and is used as the mold to vac-u-form the shoulders for Tom Servo.
Eveready Floating Lantern - (click to enlarge)
Control Knob - (click to enlarge)
On Gypsy's back is a control knob made by vac-u-forming polystyrene over a water faucet knob and some 1/2 inch spheres. I've made a cast resin copy of this to made it easier to attach to her.
Gypsy's Umbilicus is made from 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe and angled fittings covered with 4 inch plastic drain tubing. This is connected to her head by a 4 inch closet flange (toilet drain) with an adapter. At the bottom are handles made from 3/4 pipe and fittings attached to the 1 1/2 pipe. I've added an AC adapter port to power Gypsy's eye. A three-way toggle switch is used to change from AC power to OFF or to battery power for portability.
Umbilicus - (click to enlarge)