Sir Thomas Serveaux

Please Do Not Touch
Well, here he is. The one and only Tom Servo. Big, Tall, Sassy & Brassy.

I managed to find some of the original parts for Tom, except for the engine block, Boo Bowl and hands.

Meticulously detailed, this Servo is as close to the real thing as you can get. All the correct Testor's paint colors were used. The control rod, mouth pull-string and arm air bladders were constructed in the same manner as the original ones.
Tom's head is made from these easy to recognize Carousel Snack Dispensers. They can be found at at some candy and novelty stores like the ones you might find in a shopping mall. The clear globe is cut off to gain access to the upper and lower mouth pieces for painting and trimming. An extra lid is then attached to the head base to make the globe stand a little higher.
Carousel Snack Dispenser - (click to enlarge)
Vac-u-formed Shoulders - (click to enlarge)
Tom's shoulders housings are polystyrene sheets vac-u-formed over the light bezel of the Eveready Floating Lantern which are used for Gypsy. Vac-u-forming is a technique by which a flat sheet of hard plastic is heated until it is quite soft, then is quickly placed over the object you wish to copy. A vacuum source is then used to suck the plastic tightly around the object. When hardened, you have a plastic shell that is a copy of the original.
Servo's upper arms are from a Cmore Bunz novelty doll. They also were sold as "Mr. Moonie" dolls, but they both operated the same way; when an air bulb attached to small hose is squeezed, the rude little doll drop his pants and "moons" you.

Early versions of Servo on MST3K retained the air bladders so that Tom's arms could be extended up and down. The springs from the dolls were also used to connect the hands.
Cmore Bunz - (click to enlarge)
Servo's Hands of Fate - (click to enlarge)
It is difficult to get a straight answer on where Servo's hands originally came from. Some say a doll, some a ventriloquist dummy. Mine are very nice cast resin copies from someone else's cast copies.

I've been looking for the original doll for some time now. If anyone definitively knows where the hands come from please let me know.
I have yet to hear of anybody that has found the original toy engine block that is used on Tom's chest. I have been diligently searching for this item for years and haven't found anything close. The engine block I is one I have built from scratch. I painstakingly studied many photos of Tom and calculated the exact dimensions of every detail.
Engine Block - (click to enlarge)
--------Grandma Servo's Secret Pie Recipe-------
        8 Washington Apples (cored & peeled)               
        2 cups sugar                                       
        1 tbl cinnomin                                     
        1 cup flour                                        
        (Secret Ingredient) 1 tbl St...
The "Money Lover Barrel" banks for Servo's torso are very hard to find. About once every 4 months you'll see one on Ebay. The barrel is made by New York Vinyl Products. It stand 8" high, is 6" in diameter in the middle and 4" in diameter at the top and bottom.
Tom's hoverskirt was originally a Halloween "Boo Bowl". I haven't found one of those yet. I have heard of a couple people who have. I did find a salad bowl that make an adequate substitute. The bowl needs to be approx 4" in diameter at it's base to match the size of the barrel. At its widest it should be between 10 - 13 inches and should stand about 5" tall.
Boo Bowl - (click to enlarge)
Tyco Turbo Train - (click to enlarge) Turbo Train Engine - (click to enlarge)
The black details on the hoverskirt are vac-u-formed engines from either Tyco Turbo Train or "Super" Turbo Train race set. I bought a Super Turbo Train Race set some time ago, put it together and it actually still worked. These sets were made around 1987 and must have been fairly popular since they are not too difficult to find. A newer version of the Turbo Train was released in 1989 with a different style engine.
The control rod for my servo is a little shorter so that he can sit easily on a flat surface. The pull string is 20lb test fishing line with a chrome ring on the end of it. The squeeze bulb is for the air bladders that extend Tom's arms. MST only used the bladders in seasons 2-4, but I decided to include them with my Servo.
Servo's Hinder - (click to enlarge)